2010 PFF League starts on Tuesday: six new teams to make debut

Lahore, 22 November : Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)’ President Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat has approved six new teams for Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) League 2010 which will explode into action at Arifwala, Karachi, Faisalabad and Islamabad, with opener on 23 November. The Champions of departmental and club event will earn slot in 2011’s Pakistan Premier Football League (PPFL), replacing two relegated team who finished 15th and 16th berth in PPFL 2010. The Winner of Department Leg will face Winner of Club Leg on 20 December 2010 Monday at 2.30 PM to decide overall champion.

Two new organizational teams – Gwadar Port Authority (GPA), Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited – will be seen in action in Departmental leg which will be comprised of eight team with Pak Steel, Public Works Department, Pakistan Police and Gwadar Port Authority in Group-A while 2005 Champion Pakistan Railways are being bracketed with PTV, Bahawalpur’s Ashraf Sugar Mills and first timers Zarai Taraqiati Bank in Group-B. Quaid-i-Azam Sports Complex at Pakistan Steel Township, Karachi will host six matches of Group-A while Group-B matches are being allotted to Islamabad’s Jinnah Stadium.

The Club leg will be comprised of four newcomers. One of them, Poonch FC are in Region Round while other three – Panjgur’s Suraj FC, Faisalabad’s University FC, Pakpattan’s Al-Hilal are in Round One who will fight other clubs for entrance in five team league where byes are given to Chaman’s Muslim GC, Lahore’s Wohaib FC and Quetta’s Baloch FC.

PFF League – Tier II competition of PFF – went into movement in 2004, under directives of Faisal Saleh Hayat, in order to supply two teams for ensuing Pakistan Premier Football League (PPFL) and the honors went into hands of NBP and PPWD in 2004. Midfielder Saeed Qureshi’s lone goal gave host Railways 1-0 win over KESC at Railway Stadium as both teams qualified to top Division from 2005 edition.

PTV annexed the 2006 edition by beating PMC 4-0 at Faisalabad. The 2007 edition was decided after Super-Six with PEL and Pakistan Steel finishing first and second respectively at Islamabad. The top two teams in 2008 edition were PAF and Nushki’s Baloch FC while Sui Southern Gas Company earned narrow 1-0 win over Young Blood FC at Sahiwal in the edition 2009 final. The Balochistani club not only became the first club ever to win PFF League.

Draws – Departmental Leg


28 Nov: PPWD Vs GPA (11.30 AM, Steel Town, Karachi), Pak Steel Vs Police (2 PM Steel Town, Karachi)
30 Nov: GPA Vs Pak Steel (11.30 AM, Steel Town, Karachi), Police Vs PPWD (2 PM Steel Town, Karachi)
2 Dec: Pak Steel Vs PPWD (11.30 AM, Steel Town , Karachi), GPA Vs Police (2 PM, Steel Town, Karachi)


29 Nov: Railway Vs Ashraf Sugar (11.30 AM, Jinnah Stadium, Islamabad), PTV Vs ZTBL ( 2 PM, Jinnah Stadium, Islamabad)
1 Dec: ZTBL Vs Ashraf Sugar (11.30 AM, Jinnah Stadium, Islamabad), Railway Vs PTV (2 PM, Jinnah Stadium, Islamabad)
3 Dec: Railway Vs ZTBL (11.30 AM, Jinnah Stadium, Islamabad), PTV Vs Ashraf Sugar (2 PM, Jinnah Stadium, Islamabad)

Top two teams of both Groups will appear in Super League from 7-14 December 2010.

Draws – Club Leg

Region Round

23 Nov: Ravi FC v Poonch FC (Jinnah Stadium, Islamabad 2 PM)
24 Nov; Gilgit FC v Poonch FC (Jinnah Stadium, Islamabad 2 PM)
25 Nov: Ravi FC v Gilgat FC (Jinnah Stadium, Islamabad 2 PM)

Round One:


29 Nov: Suraj FC (Panjgur) Vs University FC, Faisalabad at Faisalabad 2 PM
1 Dec: University FC, Faisalabad) v Suraj FC (Panjgur) at Faisalabad, 2 PM


27 Nov: Al Hilal FC, Pakpattan v Afghan Sports, Quetta at Arifwala 2 PM
29 Nov: Al Hilal FC, Pakpattan v Region Champion at Arifwala 2 PM
1 Dec: Region Champion v Afghan Sports at Arifwala 2 PM

Final League;

6 Dec: Muslim FC v Winner Group-A (11 AM), Wohaib FC v Winner Group-B (2 PM)
8 Dec: Baloch FC Winner Group-A (11 AM), Muslim FC v Winner Group-B (2 PM)
10 Dec: Wohaib FC v Baloch FC (11 AM), Winner Group-B v Winner Group-A (2PM)
12 Dec: Wohaib FC v Winner Group-A (11 AM), Baloch FC Muslim FC ( 2PM)
14 Dec: Baloch FC v Winner Group-B (11 AM), Wohaib FC v Muslim FC (2 PM)