-Are you the official Football Federation?
No. FootballPakistan.Com (FPDC) is a completely separate independent entity from the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF).

FPDC and FPDC staff is not part of the PFF in any official capacity or role.

We are essentially a volunteer task force striving for the progress, promotion, prosperity, and professionalism of football in Pakistan and regularly re-posting news about the sport in this country.

In the past we have helped the PFF whichever way we can on our own expenses etc. Be it regarding scouting Pakistani-origin players from abroad, finding coaches, discussing future projects etc.

-How can I play for a club?
If you are in Pakistan and are specifically present in the bigger city areas like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Quetta, Peshawar etc, you will find plenty of amatuer and semi-pro teams to be a part of.

You may need to contact your District Football Association office for any known operating clubs in the city, as well as your own schools and friends who may have links with various city-based sports team near your area. Just be careful to avoid ‘ghost’ teams that may exist on paper, but are nowhere to be found.

If you are outside Pakistan, and in a more football-friendly part of the world, our suggestion is to see which grass roots level teams are in and around your area. Contact them, request a trial or take part in theirs, get in the action, and work your way up.

Remember! To be considered good enough for international football, you need to have a strong background in active competitive football (semi-pro or higher) as well as having acceptable fitness levels that can help you last the entire 90 minutes without a problem!

-How to be part of the PPL?
At the moment, the Pakistan Premier League is dominated by government department-operated sports teams like KESC, WAPDA, Army, Navy, PIA, NBP, HBL etc. Most of the players in these teams are essentially given jobs in their departments as employees. There are very few active private football clubs that can compete in top division because of their limited finances. You can contact these teams directly if you are based in their home cities

-What is the procedure of becoming a national player?
For domestic based players it is highly recommended you have been consistently playing for a club or team that takes part in active competitive football for much of the calendar year. Usually Pakistan Premier League and Geo Super League are where new players can get noticed. So if you are good enough to take part in them, get yourself noticed, and let international football embrace you in the green jersey of Pakistan!

If you are below 18 years old, keep an eye out for any PFF-supervised national youth competitions taking place that involves a team from your city. They usually hold open trials for youth players for selection. If you are good enough as a youth in terms of play, skill, and fitness…you should have a fair shout to get noticed at least at youth level.

Such youth competitions end up getting the best players in national youth teams that then take part for various Asian Youth Championships at various age levels. That will help you get offers from teams to play senior football, one step away from becoming an international player.

-I’m a player from abroad of Pakistani origin and I want to play for Pakistan-what to do?
First and foremost, you need to possess a valid Pakistani passport and CNIC (Computerised National ID Card) that can make you eligible for the Pakistan national teams (both senior and junior age groups) for squad registration at various AFC and FIFA official tournaments Pakistan takes part in.

You can qualify for Pakistani documentation if you can prove either you or one of your parents or one of your grandparents were born in Pakistan and have been Pakistani citizens before immigration to other countries. This helps prove your Pakistani heritage.

Contact the Pakistani embassy/consulate office in your country and ask for information and necessary procedures to qualify for Pakistani citizenship in order to play for Pakistan football team.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your current country of residence and citizenship allows you to possess dual nationality in the first place! There are many countries around the world that do not allow their citizens to hold multiple citizenships from other countries unless their governments and the government of Pakistan have signed an agreement for allowing such between the countries.

For foreign-based players, it is HIGHLY recommended that you at least regularly play in a proper semi-professional, and preferably nationwide, competitive league. For example; for England-based players of Pakistani origin, your team’s league level should be high enough in tier ranking to be able to compete for promotion to the Conference North/South level.

If you have a good youth background in higher division team academies and are still young and physically fit enough, but have not been able to turn professional or semi-pro just yet or play in a league that is not suitably high enough, contact us so we can at least pencil your name in for any trials and training camps to be scheduled to better assess your fitness, talent, teamwork etc.