FootballPakistan.Com (FPDC) was established by a small group of young expatriate Pakistanis in 2003 that wanted to combine their passion for the beautiful game in their homeland in order to give it a voice that could be heard around the world.

2003 was a year when the popularity of prestigious international football competitions like the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, UEFA Champions League etc were all being broadcast live on cable television in homes across Pakistan. Football’s growing popularity and attention in Pakistan needed to be harnessed so that Pakistan’s own football – forever in the shadows of other sports like Hockey, Squash, and of course Cricket for many decades – could come into the limelight it deserved and desperately had been waiting for.

The lack of awareness, media coverage, and public relations for both domestic football in Pakistan and the Pakistan national team, coupled with the lack of professionalism and competitiveness in the sport was something which FPDC founders wanted to both highlight, and possibly change for the future.

From starting out as just a fan page to becoming a real influence in the daily running of Pakistani football, FPDC has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It has grown to incorporate one of the most interactive, knowledgeable, and revealing forums for any sport in Pakistan.

It has garnered a reputation worldwide in of becoming a team of die-hard football volunteers striving for the PROGRESS, PROMOTION, PROSPERITY, and PROFESSIONALISM of Football in PAKISTAN. With only their hearts, minds, and energy in store, FPDC has become a vital tool in deciding the future of the beautiful game in this country.

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FPDC has attracted attention from every corner of Pakistan and around the world. People who want to know and understand how football in Pakistan works, what are the problems it faces, what can be done to solve them, and what steps must be undertaken to achieve glory; all of these questions and their possible answers and subsequent steps are discussed, debated among a core of knowledgeable and experienced people who know the game in Pakistan inside out.

In its evolving forms as a website and growing fan forum, FPDC has faced numerous hardships and troubles in its rocky 7-year journey of ascendency. From hack attacks, to server hosting problems, to a feeling of defeat when chips were down. But it has come out stronger, better, and more proactive each and every time.

FPDC has vowed to keep the flag flying for Pakistani football for many generations to come and will bravely face all challenges and tests in order to help the beautiful game in Pakistan achieve GLORY.