PFF strives for revival of departmental football [The Nation]

PFF strives for revival of departmental football [The Nation]

National Challenge Cup to kick off in January 2023. In this respect, departmental teams expressed tremendous excitement during the inaugural meeting organized by Pakistan Football Federation in a local hotel in Lahore.

Delivering the chairman address to the participants, representing their respective departments, Haroon Ahmed Malik chairman of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalization Committee acknowledged the commendable contribution of departments for keeping the sports alive, “The departments not only provided living to thousands of young athletes but also kept pumping fresh blood into the national teams of Pakistan for so many decades.” 

Welcoming the participants, Shahid Niaz Khokhar, member NC said that after exploring the international avenues PFF has taken the task to bring the local football activities back on track.

National Challenge Cup will be the first major national event which will be held by PFF in January after an undesired stoppage of the game in March 2021, while, PFF has claimed that the event will see a historically higher number of 32 departmental teams coming back to the football field.

The participants were apprised of event details and technical aspects by Qamar Ali Qureshi and Shahzad Anwar, PFF manager competition and head coach national team, respectively.

However, the complete details of the event will be announced in a press talk soon.

Published in The Nation, 2 December 2022