PM Imran meets Touchsky Group CEO for revolutionising football in Pakistan [The Nation]

PM Imran meets Touchsky Group CEO for revolutionising football in Pakistan [The Nation]

by Momin Jamal

TouchSky Group CEO Ahmer Kunwar met the Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan to discuss a long term plan to strengthen football as a sport in the country.

The PM met Ahmer Kunwar and Javed Afridi to discuss the development of the sports in Pakistan. TouchSky Group is the architect behind the World Soccer Stars 2019, the biggest football event in Pakistan’s history which would see the country hosting some of the biggest soccer players of the world playing on Pakistani soil.

In the meeting, the two discussed uplifting football by coaching domestic talent and prepping them for international leagues. Imran Khan stated, “In order to provide opportunities to our youth to showcase their talent and bring out Pakistan’s football potential we need to have on ground facilities to develop the sport in the country.”

The PM acknowledged the potential in Pakistan for football and had high hopes because of what the World Soccer Star Event is planning to do on ground. The World Soccer Stars which is about making Pakistan the destination of aspirations through football with iconic legends as advocates.

He further described the concept which will promote Pakistan in terms of football, music, culture, tourism and all underpinned by presenting a soft image of Pakistan on global platforms.

Ahmer Kunwar stressed on the need for representation of Pakistan football players on an international platform for which TSG has planned to uproot domestic talent and train them to eventually be able to play for international leagues.

The PM, who already has a task force in place, asked Kunwar of TouchSky Group to be appointed on the special task force to revive football in the country.

The TouchSky Group is aiming to establish a long term plan in the country to develop the sport and to strengthen the passion for football by establishing clinics and providing the requisite training to create future football stars from Pakistan.

Published in The Nation, 29 January 2019