Lebanon vs Pakistan- Player Ratings

By Gauhar Mahmood Azeem, Editor, Lahore

Here are the Pakistani player ratings for the game against Lebanon earlier:

Saqib Hanif: 4.5/10
I’ve followed the young goal keeper for many years in the Pakistan premier league and while there is no doubting his ability, he has the knack of an error or two a game lot like calamity (David) James. Some indecisive and unnecessary rushing off his line and could’ve done better for both the first two goals. Improved in the second half.

Faisal Iqbal: 5/10
Highly experienced player. First strike was from his side of the defence. Should’ve made better clearances when chance came, didn’t provide much going forward.

Ahmad Bilal: 6/10
A brilliant tackle in the second half prevented a sure goal. One to keep for the future. Looked solid when asked a question.

M Ahmad: 6/10
The young and fit WAPDA star is an ever present in the Pakistani line up for the past 4 years and was called upon today to provide much needed experience to this young side. Did well, maybe could’ve organised the defence better. But in his defence, he’s played more at central midfield or left back during his career.

Ahsanullah: 4.5/10
Lebanon attacked his side more often than not. Made rash and hurried clearances. First goal has a cross from the right. Nearest defender for the second.

Saddam Hussein: 7.5/10
A real box to box performance from the lad. Quality in providing defensive cover and offensive options. Passing could have been better. Looks like he’s finally found his niche having played in every position part GK in the past few years.

M Riaz: 5/10
Inexperience showed and looked uncomfortable on the ball

Bilawal: 6/10
Provided good solidarity in mid field. Linked up well with Saddam and Kaleem

Mansoor: 6/10
Flashes of quality. Looks ready for the international level. Improved as game went on.

Saadullah: 5/10
Brought little to the game. Tried getting down the wing but the lack of possession and inability to put string of passes together meant he was replaced in second half.

Kaleemullah: 8/10 Top of the match
A brilliant goal. 2 great attempts on goal saved by the Lebanon goal keeper. Was a danger all night long. Captains performance. I remember him saying that the team should give him chance at centre forward. He got one today, and made full use. Destined for greatness if he keeps his feet on the ground!

Selected substitutes:

Mahmood Khan: 6/10
Came on in the second half, solidified the midfield further but maybe should’ve put more of a stamp on the game considering he’s an experienced player at AFC and international level.

Ahsanullah (GK) 7/10
A world class save in the second half after coming on for Saqib. Looked solid and definitely put his name forward for a start next time.

Sher Ali: 4.5/10
Got half an hour to impress, didn’t.