FC Bayern München Fan Coordinator visits Karachi-critics on Pakistani Football System

By Maaz Ahmed

Karachi: The city’s football scene attracted a rare visitor last week when Bayern München FC’s Fan Coordinator; Andreas Brück decided to fly to Karachi to watch football. Mr Brück was given a warm welcome here as he was the chief guest at the Pakistan Premier League match between KESC and PIA. The following day, he attended the HBL- Army match held at the People’s Stadium in Lyari.

Andreas Brück was in touch with FootballPakistan.Com since two years as he is a ground hopper. This is a football fan who wants to see as many football grounds and matches as possible all around the world. FootballPakistan.Com Chief Editor Malik Riaz Hai Naveed, based in Germany, encouraged Mr. Brück and organized his visit to Karachi.

Mr Brück lamented the lack of audience for local football in Karachi, saying, “Many people here know everything about football in England or Spain but they have little interest in local football. Perhaps because the football teams in the top league here are companies and not clubs from specific areas. I heard there are 2 divisions, the Premier League and one other below it but whatever there is before that is an interesting system”.

Before flying back to Doha, where Bayern have set up camp during the winter break in Bundesliga, Andreas Brück watched his last game in Karachi; a friendly between Baloch Mujahid and Karachi United FC. The game ended in a 0-1 victory to KUFC. “I did a head count for all the 3 games I watched here and I’m surprised this friendly has just about the same number of spectators as the two PPL games”, he chuckled. His visit was encouraging for local players.