GSA D-Goal witnesses surprising results

On a day which saw Former Champions win, and Former Winners crash out three more teams were finalized for Quarter Finals.

1- Bafana 6 – 1 Crazy JoJ

Star Performer – Tehseen (Bafana) – The smooth and silky midfielder scored two goals and set up a couple as well in a brilliant all around performance. Pic provided.

The match started off and Bafana stamped there authority as to why they are favorites every year. A goal with in 15 seconds by Asad. They continued to dominate with goals and chances coming every other minute. First half ended at 2-0. It was three nil before Saeed of Crazy JoJ scored a wonderful goal from long distance. Amazingly the only goal scored by Crazy JoJ. Tehseen and Kashif Zafar last editions top scorer then scored and gave the scoreline a 6-1 look. Bafana place themselves safely in the quarters.

2- Free Stylers 6 – 1 Khan Sports

Star Performer – Ghassan (Free Stylers) – Another 5 goal haul for the talisman. Favorite to win top scorer this year. Pic provided.

The match started off cautiously until Mehmood, scored a brilliant headed goal. The first of the tournament through head. Khan Sports held on very strongly in the first half keeping the Free Stylers at bay forcing free scoring Mehtab to play defense and this allowed Ghassan plenty of space. The scoreline 2-1 at the half was further cemented by brilliant finishing by Ghassan as he completed 5 goals and later Mehtab also scored. Khan sports picked up a couple of cautions on the way. Easy for Free Stylers, Quarter Finals the reward.

3- Galacticos 2 – 2 Mario Bros. (5-4 on penalties to Mario Bros.)

Star Performer – Irfan Junejo (Mario Bros.) – The free scoring forward might have been limited to one goal but an assist and two penalties confirmed his teams place in the Quarters. Pic provided.

We have seen amazing 6-6 and 2-2 draws in the last games of the day and this was no different. The game played at an amazing pace and every ball was fought with intensity. Areeb scored early to give Mario Bros. the lead. Galacticos toiled hard and pass after another went stray in a disappointing half. Second half was different as Galacticos dominated and Shahzad formerly of Karachi Kickers kept the Galacticos at bay with vital interceptions. Ten minutes to go and it was game on a steal by Barra and pass resulted in a super tying goal. The game was end to end and just when Galacticos looked to edge it Shahzad and Irfan produced a second goal. Great fight by Mario Bros. but Galacticos tied it with a free kick from Mehmood R 9. The penalties was just a formality as both teams were satisfied with the result and finally a Shahzad panalty seperated the game. Mario Bros. continue there great run in 2012 and qualify for yet another Quarter Final.

Goal Challenge Winner – Kashif Zafar of Bafana showed as to why he is one of the sharpest shooting wingers in Karachi wrapping up cash in the goal challenge. Pic provided.

Saturday 11th August ScheduleAll Second Round Fixtures

1- Rebellions vs Gunners FC (Defending Champs in action)

2- Lazy Boys vs Gulshanacticos

3- Old Fighters vs Street Wizards