Lion, Tiger, Messi Toti earn first win

Lahore: Lion Tiger, Messi, Toti earned their first win in the MTFA Futsal Tournament. Umer struck 4 goals to power Lion outfit 5-3 win over Eagle while Tiger earned 2-0 win over Zebra. The winners earned one goal through Raja-I-Usama in Group C1-A.

Messi overwhelmed Kaka 3-1 with Hassan scoring all three goals while Toti outclassed Ronaldo 2-1 with Jadeer 2 goals for winners in Group C1-B.

Meanwhile, Peshawar earned their successive win by beating Lahore 2-0. Asheer and Uneeb were the scorers for winners while Sialkot opened their onslaught with 4-1 win over Karachi with Tayyab three goals in group C2.

Striker Faizan struck in the 5th, 7th, 10th and 13th minute goals as Green Eyes brushed aside Blue Eggs 4-0 in group A2.

Saturday Fixture
Group C2
Karachi VS Lahore (8:00pm), Quetta VS Pashawar (8:00pm) Lahore VS Sialkot (8:30pm)
Group C1-A
Tiger VS Eagle (7:00pm), HorseVS Lion (7:30pm), Eagle VS Zebra (7:00pm)

Group C1-B

Toti VS Kaka (7:00pm), Ronaldo VS Kaka (7:30pm), Pale VS Messi (7:00pm)

Group B

Super Sonic VS Pearl (6:00pm), Royal VS Iron (6:30pm)