PMC Athletico aim to impress in PPL 2011

In preparation of the upcoming 2011 Pakistan Premier Football League season, PMC Club Athletico Faisalabad held a general congress meeting of its executives on Thursday 23 June 2011. The meeting was held at the offices of 786 CNG Station, one of the club’s long time partners and sponsors.

Members present at meeting were Rai Saif ur Rehman Bhatti (club president) , Ch. Khalil Ahmad (club secretary), Sarfraz Rasool (team coach), Amir Hanif, Qazi Mujeeb ur Rehman Bhatti, Mian Ilyas, Fazal Ameer, Zahid Niazi, Asmat Ullah, and Waheed Nagra.

The congress meeting highlighted four key areas for PMC Atheltico’s success; first of which was how to win as many points as possible from the upcoming trips to Quetta and Karachi at start of 2011 PPFL campaign.

There was also debate among members about changing the name of the team, with the discussion being headed by PMC Athletico’s Media Manager, Waheed Nagra. Mr Nagra discussed both the pros and cons of any attempt to change names, and in the end all club officials and members present at the meeting agreed that the team name will remain the same as any proposal to change club name needs more discussion and time.

Club President Saif Bhatti told the meeting that he is in close touch with both the District Commissioner and District Health Secretary of Faisalabad about the status of the team’s home ground based in the Punjab Medical College campus. Mr Bhatti told the meeting that he urged the District and PMC authorities to allow PMC Ground’s control to be given to PMC Athletico so that the club can strive to improve the ground’s facilities and hosting potential with installation of a dedicated pavilion and changing rooms for visiting teams.

The financial challenges of running PMC Athletico Faisalabad in the gruelling Pakistan Premier League season was discussed, with club president Saif Bhatti confident of getting more sponsors in time to help the team compete without problems.

Saif Bhatti ended the meeting by declaring his plans to host a dinner party for all the players and officials of PMC Athletico Faisalabad tonight at 8 PM (24 June 2011) at a local restaurant for the upcoming league campaign. He also stated that a psychologist will be present at the occasion to analyse and motivate each individual player.