Sindh football clubs problems top priority: Khadim Ali Shah

Khadim Ali Shah meeting clubs representatives; Tariq Lutfi in background

The newly elected President of Sindh FA (SFA) Syed Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari met various football club officials from across Karachi in an important step to bring football forward across Sindh. Khadim Ali Shah stated that SFA will give top priority to solving the problems and disputes faced by football clubs across the province.

He vowed to take all registered football clubs from across Sindh into confidence about Sindh FA’s vision for the future and asked for their cooperation so that all issues and problems can be resolved as a united unit. Khadim Ali Shah, who is also vice-president of both Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) and South Asian Football Federation (SAFF), stated that SFA will organise annual Inter-Club Football Championships to help football across Sindh whereby all the major teams from the province can fight for honours to take part in national events.

Khadim Ali Shah stated that football clubs are the real backbone for football worldwide and he vowed the new SFA administration will do its utmost to help and facilitate football clubs from across Sindh. He expressed sympathy for severe financial problems faced by clubs each year, and advised club officials to bring in sponsors and supporters that can help sustain a club’s financial stature, allowing it and its players to compete without hesitation.

He also stated that SFA is happy to accommodate and listen to any advice, suggestions, and ideas to help in the promotion of football and hoped that all club officials will be willing to cooperate with SFA without any reservations.