PFF-KESC Lyari Football League 2011: Bihar complete the frame : outplay Bela 4-0

Lahore, 18 Jan:  Bihar became the eighth and last team to enter the last eight as two more league matches decided in the PFF-KESC Lyari Football League 2011 at Kalakot’s Shaheed Abdul Rehman Park, Lyari Town, Karachi. The quarter-finalists so far are Bihar, Daryabad, Hub, Nawalane, Singolane, Lyari Town, Baghdadi and Kalakot. The quarter finals are slated to run from 20-21 January.

Bihar gave no room to Bela scoring twice in each session. Zubair Umar give them 15th minute lead while Amjad Hussain doubled the lead three minutes from interval. Muhammad Junaid enhanced the lead to 3-0 in the 37th minute and it was left to Mam Jan to complete the rout in the 59th minute. The Man of the Match for the match was also Mam Jan who received the award from former KESC/Young Tughlaq international Sher Muhammad.

Later on, Nawalane bulldozed Nayabad 10-1 to win leadership in Group-A. It was 6th and last match in Group A that saw Nawalane and Hub making seven points, followed by  Rangiwara 3, Nayabad  nil. Led 6-0 at interval, Nawalane hammered three hat-tricks in the one-way traffic with Mustafa (45th sec, 11 min and 46 min) ,  Nauman (16, 30, 38) and Asmat Ali ( 31, 41, 48). The tenth goal was scored by Abdullah Nasir in the 35th minute. Nayabad struck their  lone goal through Farooq three minutes from time.The Man of the Match Shield was credited to Mustafa who took it from former PIA international Ali Muhammad (Sajidi Baloch FC).

The matches were supervised by Abdul Aziz, Abdul Karim, Dad Rehman,  Ansar Javed, Farid Ahmed, Ansar Javed, Shahid Ismail, Jalal Ahmed under Match Commissioner Yaqoob Baloch.

Wednesday (19 Jan) Fixture: Agra Taj v Kalakot (2.30 PM), Khada v Lyari Town (4 PM). Both matches at Abdul Rehman Park.