Get me the other Goal-Keepers, Aslam Khan calls Gul and Sakib to camp!

By our Lahore Correspondent

According to some reports the Pakistan National Team Goal-Keeping Coach Aslam Khan has called forgotten duo Amir Gul and Sakib Hanif to camp in Lahore so consider them in trials and thus bringing them into contention for the U-21 team.

Eye-Brows were raised when these two names were missing from the list of players called by the PFF before the coaching team was appointed.

Amir Gul has been part of the National and Age Group teams before whereas PEL Goal Keeper Sakib Hanif has done well in the Pakistan Premier League this season.

The Goal-Keeping department is looking strong as Bilal Rafique, Basit Ali, M. Omer and Spain based Naiman Khan already in camp set for trials to get into the team.