Iqbal Qasim blasts PPFL pitches

KARACHI: National Bank Sports Division Chief Iqbal Qasim has said that the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) should take a look at the uneven pitches on which the Premier Football League matches are being conducted.

“The poor condition of playing pitches look to be a big hurdle in the way of football promotion in the country. The PFF should prepare a model pitch through the assistance of FIFA either at the Punjab Football Stadium in Lahore or elsewhere in the country and then the rest of the organisations will follow,” Iqbal, also a former Test cricketer, said here on Thursday during a chat with ‘The News’.

“By doing so, the country would get a healthy environment of football pitches. The step will also help to produce good players at domestic level as playing on the uneven pitches badly affects the techniques of the players,” Iqbal said.

He also suggested to the PFF to further extend the duration of the Premier League so that the players could get ample time in between two matches.

“In the current time-frame of the league an injured player is unable to get sufficient time for recovery,” he said.

He also said that there is room for improvement and the PFF should every year review the Premier League.
He said that National Bank will infuse young blood into its football team for the next season in an effort to bring an improvement in their performance while adding that he does not want to bring any change in the current management of the football team.