PFF Futsal National Cup round-up [The Nation]

PFF Futsal National Cup round-up [The Nation]

4 more teams reach next round in 1st PFF National Futsal Cup

As many as 12 more matches decided from Group E and F on the third day of PFF National Futsal Cup in SA Gardens Futsal Fields.

In the first match of Group E, Smurfs F.C outclassed Outlaws F.C by 5-0. In the second encounter, ABL defeated YZC by 7-1. The third match was played between Smurfs F.C and ABL where Smurfs F.C got the second victory of the day by 7-2. In the fourth match, Outlaws F.C defeated YZC by 6-1. Smurfs F.C continued the winning streak in their 3rd game by defeating YZC 10-4. The last game between ABL and Outlaws ended in a 1-1 draw. Smurfs F.C and ABL F.C have reached the next round.

In the first match of Group F, ICAW FC thumped Taji F.C by 9-0. The second match was won by Real Lahore, 6–3 against LSA. The third match between ICAW and Real Lahore ended without netting a single goal. After losing the first match, LSA thrashed Taji FC with a margin of 13-0 and then defeated ICAW by 2-0. The last game of the group was won by Real Lahore, 9-3 against Taji FC. From Group F, Real Lahore F.C and LSA have reached the next round.

Published in The Nation, 2 June 2023

10 matches decided on inaugural day of 1st Women’s National Futsal Cup

In the first match of the day, MRF crushed Bulls FC by 5-0. The second encounter came in the favor of TWk when they beat Real Lahore by 2-1. MRF in their second game, outclassed Sialkot City by 12-0. The fourth game between TWK and Bulls ended in a 1-1 draw. After losing against TWK, Real Lahore played excellently and thumped Sialkot City by 9-0. 

In the sixth game, MRF maintained the winning streak and got a third consecutive victory after defeating TWK by 2-1. The seventh game was triumphed by Bull, 7-0 against Sialkot City. With four straight wins, MRF after beating Real Lahore by 1-0, became the first team to qualify for the final. The second last game of the day was clinched by TWK, 10-0 against Sialkot City. In the last game, Real Lahore downed Bulls FC by 1-0.

MRF FC will lock horns against TWK on Sunday in the final whereas Real Lahore will face Bulls FC to secure third place in the 1st Women’s National Futsal Cup.

Published in The Nation, 3 June 2023