FIFA Referee Akhona Makalima in Pakistan

FIFA Referee Akhona Makalima in Pakistan

By Muhammad Babur

FIFA Referee Akhona Makalima who is currently in Pakistan to conduct a leadership course on the invitation of Galaxy Sports Academy under the banner of the U.S. Department of State Global Sports Mentoring Program (GSMP) to Empower Women in Sports.

She delivered a motivating lecture and said that Talent identification is important. GOD has given us more than one talent, identifying that with honesty, integrity, consistency, and trust. She emphasizes that the girls must write down their target and work hard to achieve it, and not be afraid of failure.

She motivated the girls by sharing her experience of becoming a successful referee. She told the girls that before passing the FIFA fitness test she failed three times but never lost hope and one day achieved her goal.

Further, she added that an attitude can be positive or negative, but a negative attitude will not take you anywhere. Akhona Makalima said the job of a football referee is very tough. He or she has to work as hard as a football player. But She never loses hope and now the world knows her as a FIFA Football Referee.

Akhona Makalima energized the young girls by motivating them to Be Alive, Alert, Awake, and Enthusiastic in life to achieve their goals. She also gave training to young girls to handle, catch, and cheat the ball to counter the opponent and grab the win from them.

Young girls were enthusiastic and vigilant to have the training from such an amazing worldwide renowned personality.