Deplorable condition of PFF House revealed [SAMAA]

Deplorable condition of PFF House revealed [SAMAA]

The poor condition of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) House has been revealed in a video by Football Club Pakistan (FCPK).


The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) is currently banned by FIFA due to third-party interference. Although, the FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee (NC) — which is tasked with holding elections at district and provincial level — regained control of PFF headquarters, in March, after being forced out by Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah Group almost a year ago but the ban won’t be lifted unless they get access to PFF’s bank accounts and digital assets.

When the Normalisation committee took charge, they renovated the entire PFF House but all their hard work was undone during the hostile takeover by Ashfaq Group last year.

The gym and players’ mess area doesn’t have any equipment and they currently look more like storage rooms, with beds and mattresses which were supposed to be used during Pakistan team’s camp. Fixtures, like lights, plugs and sockets, were also missing from these rooms.

There is also no electricity in various parts of the building as well because the wires were ripped out from the electrical room.

Sanitary fittings were also missing from the kitchen, which was built from scratch in November 2020. The new cabinets in the cooking area are also in a deplorable condition.

The archive room, where the NC had catalogued the files and other data, is also a complete mess at the moment. However, the NC Chairman is hopeful that next month will bring positive news for Pakistan football.

“I assure you that July 2022 is going to bring good news for Pakistan football. I thank the football family for supporting during this tough time,” said Malik.

Published by SAMAA English, 12 June 2022