Ashfaq warns people trying to ‘sabotage’ Inter-City Football [The News]

Ashfaq warns people trying to ‘sabotage’ Inter-City Football [The News]

KARACHI: Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) president Ashfaq Hussain has said that the federation would take action against those “who are involved in illegal activities” against it.

PFF elections took place under the supervision of the country’s top court and there was no parallel body in the country, he said in a statement the other day. He said that some people had been trying to create hurdles in the organisation of PFF Inter-City Football Tournament.

“PFF will take legal action against such persons and will not let them sabotage the important tournament, which will help revive football in the country,” Ashfaq said.

He said that the Inter-City Tournament would be held from April 15 and that its preparation had been in full swing. The event’s matches would be played across Pakistan. He said that PFF would do its best to make the event successful.

He added that the second stage of the tournament would commence from April 22. Ashfaq also warned players, referees and coaches against participating in any “unofficial and illegal and unauthorised” tournaments, coaching or referee courses.

Published in The News, 12 April 2019