Lodhi group goes to Supreme Court for fresh PFF elections [The News]

Lodhi group goes to Supreme Court for fresh PFF elections [The News]

KARACHI: The Arshad Lodhi group of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has filed an appeal in the Supreme Court, requesting it to hold the federation’s elections, a reliable source said.

The step was taken after the Lahore High Court (LHC) order announced on February 2.

The LHC in its order directed the PFF administrator Asad Munir “to hand over control of the PFF to the new off-bearers of the PFF within a period of one week of receipt of certified copy of this order and to submit a comprehensive report to the PFF on all actions taken during this period along with an account of all financial accounts spent and received, as the case may be.”

A source in the Lodhi group told this correspondent that the application had been filed in the Supreme Court two days ago by Lodhi, Rana Mohammad Ashraf and Anees Khan Lodhi, all senior persons of Punjab football.

The source said that the application stated that the PFF elections should be conducted either by the electoral committee which had been constituted by Lahore High Court single bench or the apex court should form a new committee.

The source said that Lodhi group further requested the Supreme Court that Administrator Asad should continue working till elections of PFF are held.

The source said that the application has been accepted for hearing.

Meanwhile, sources said the FIFA-recognised PFF is still waiting for the administrator to act on the LHC order.

Published in The News, 17 February 2017