LIVE: Lebanon vs. Pakistan

Welcome to FootballPakistan’s LIVE coverage of Pakistan’s International Friendly with Lebanon.

Venue: Sports City Stadium, Beirut

Kick-off Time: 8:00 PM PST

Lebanon 3:1 Pakistan

Pakistan XI: Pakistan XI: Saqib (gk), Kaleemullah (c), Saddam, Riaz, Faisal, Mansoor, Bilawal, Saadullah, Ahmad, Ahsanullah, Ahmed Bilal.

Full-Time: Lebanon 3-1 Pakistan

93′ Another change for Pakistan!

Mansoor Khan OFF
Izharullah IN

90′ Five minutes of added time!

89′ Lebanon running past Pakistani defenders like they weren’t there! Ahsan beaten, but a timely clearance prevents the hosts from scoring!

85′ Lebanon score! A brilliant long-range strike that Ahsan couldn’t get to bounces off the cross-bar and the Lebanese forward is there to score it past the keeper and defence!

82′ Mohammad Ahmed injured as he carried off. But he looks okay and should be back up!

79′ Pakistan with another change!

The injured Faisal Iqbal OFF
Shahid Zameer ON

77′ Change for Pakistan! Coach Shamlan using the 6 subs available to him!

Mohsin Ali IN
Ahsanullah OFF

74′ BRILLIANT SAVE BY AHSAN TO DENY LEBANON! A great header by the Cedars but Ahsan is up to the mark with a sensational one-handed save!

73′ A long-range cross from the flank as new goalkeeper Ahsan is tested for the first time. But the HBL keeper manages to gather it!

71′ Another change for Pakistan!

Saadullah OFF
Rashid Ali ON

68′ Pakistan wastes a good chance in front of the box as the players go solo!

66′ Good catch by Saqib as Lebanon cross it from the flank! And that’s his last act.

Change for Pakistan:

Saqib Hanif OFF
Ahsanullah ON

61′ Lebanon with another cross, as Bilal puts the ball out.  Saqib clears the corner, but Pakistan unable to capitalize on the counter as Saddam’s pass to the wing ultimately goes out.

60′ Lebanon with a freekick but Pakistan clear it in the end. The defence is slowly improving.

58′ Change for Pakistan!

Mehmood Khan IN
Mohammad Riaz OUT

56′ Cross cum shot from Lebanon but Saqib avoids a disaster by keeping the ball!

54′ Pakistan charging forward, but that killer pass eludes our midfielder. Lebanon retaining the majority of the possesion.

49′ Good save by Saqib Hanif as Lebanon go for a long strike! Great reflexes from the KRL goalie as the hosts get a corner.

Yellow card for Pakistan: Mansoor Khan

46′ Mansoor Khan with a rough challenge as the Lebanese player receives treatment. The PAF striker is booked!

46′ And we are off again!

Half-Time: Lebanon 2-1

44′ Good One-Twos by Bilawal and Saddam in the middle of the park. These two can influence the match, but Pakistan need to use the flanks more often!

41′ Lebanon are putting in cross after cross, but Pakistan’s defence is holding well.

39′ Lebanon lining up for another free-kick from a dangerous position. The ball is whipped in, but the Pakistan defence clearl their lines!

36′ Mansoor Khan takes a long-range freekick, the youngster with confidence but blazes the ball over the posts!

35′ Bilal blocks Lebanon’s cross as the Cedars takes a corner. Saqib Hanif with an easy catch in the end!

34′ Two strong tackles in midfield as Dr. Kamran Mehdi runs the pitch to treat Bilawal-ur-Rehman.

31′ Pakistan keeping possession, Saddam Hussain looking impressive in the middle of the park.

27′ Saddam with a long-scorcher, but Abbas Hassan denies him! Pakistan turning up the screw and now with the corner! Lebanese goalkeeper Abbas just gets a hand but the ball comes back and Kaleem fails to connect properly!

24′ Bilawal with a bad foul outside the box. The KRL midfielder gets the first yellow card of the game.

Yellow card for Pakistan: Bilawal-ur-Rehman

Lebanon 2-1 Pakistan

21′ Pakistan settling into the game, Kaleemullah looking brilliant!  Passing is slowly improving!


14′ Lebanon carry on despite a man down and almost score! And they score! Lebanon score another goal, atrocious defending and goalkeeping by Pakistan!

Lebanon 2:0 Pakistan

10′ Captain Kaleem with a try, but it goes well wide in the end.

9′ Faisal with a short throw but Saddam’s out-of-box try is called in a for a foul. Pakistan lining up for a free-kick.

8′ Kaleem calls for a corner after attempting a dribble on the corner flag, but he is denied by the officials.

6′ Horrendous defence as Lebanon score with a brilliant volley. Saqib rooted to the spot, did not even try to save the ball!

Lebanon 1-0 Pakistan

5′ Saddam Hussain in the box as his tackle denies Lebanona chance to cross. A short pass by the hosts as they attack again but Saqib gathers.

3′ Pakistan take a short corner and a good dribble by Riaz, but the cross doesn’t reach the waiting strikers!

2′ Ahsanullah gives away a needless foul as Saqib fails to clear the ball properly! Lebanon with a corner but Pakistan get a goal-kick after a foul in the box.

1′: Lebanon start the game with a quick attack!