8th GSA D Goal Ramadan Results and Updates

Tuesday August 6 – DID FC enter the history books


Final – DID FC 3 (Abdul Rehman 2, Usman) (Devils in Disguise FC win 4-3 on penalties sudden death)
Free Stylers 3 (Mehtab 2, Ghassan)


The final started with Great Spirit and the Free Stylers were slight favorites due to their fire power, but energy ruled the game and Abdul Rehman struck early, before we saw one of the best goals of the tournament from Usman. He scored for five straight games. The Free Stylers were reeling and there was no way back from them as Abdul Rehman sealed the top scorer with his sublimely taken second. Free Stylers were short of ideas until Mehtab realized that this is the moment he needs to step up and he really stepped up as he started to get his roll tricks going and two sweetly taken free kicks bought an end to the first half which was frantic to saw the least. DID FC dominated but only had a one goal lead to show for it. The second was a different story as Mehtab started controlling the game and Free Stylers piled on the pressure until finally Ghassan bought his self to life with a goal to tie the game. At this moment the game was shouting for a winner and DID FC finally found some energy in there tank thanks toAsad Khan who left a mark on the final with some amazing up and down movement. The final whistle arrived and it was just as impossible to predict the winner now.


Penalties – Mehtab oozed confidence with his penalties but the unsung hero was Asad Ahmed of DID FC. He scored the match saving penalty before striking the winning. He has been criticized but he showed everyone he was the final puzzle in the hour of need for DID FC.


Champions – Unbelievable celebrations broke out from the champs and they earned it. All four players were impressive and controlled the game for large portions in all their matches. 30,000 and one of the best trophies in Karachi was won by DID FC. Gulberg rules GSA D Goal. The final was graced by two founders of D.I.D FC (Xahyd)


Runners – Free Stylers did everything in their power and the trump card Mehtab also pulled all of his tricks but it was the spirit of DID FC which helped them but next year seems the destiny for Free Stylers.


GSA League Final – Brazil beat Blue Angels 1-0 in the final to win GSA league for GSA players.


Guests – Baloch Union Coach Mr. Basheer, GSA President Mr. Nadeem Sagar, Coastal Steel Mill owner Mr. Mughni and finally Barclays Bank VP Mr. Salman.

Top Scorers


Abdul Rehman (DID FC) – 10 goals (Wins)

Ghassan Bakhsh (Free Stylers) – 9 goals

Abid (Shahbaz FC) – 8 goals


Top Player

Usman Khan – The youngster did it. He showed everyone in the final that his passing and shooting was key to DID FC winning the title. A goal in every game and countless passes and game saving tackles.

Asad Khan of DID FC and Mehtab of Free Stylers were a goal away from winning the best player award.


Congratulations to DID FC for winning the GSA D Goal title. 7th winner in 8 years. Only the best win. Enjoy the pics everyone.