8th GSA D Goal Ramadan teams finalized

20130713-235055.jpgEach year the excitement for this event raises the bar and this year it has touched new heights. Teams have rushed in to register themselves and above all have used the newly introduced challenge concept to perfection. The positive factor in all this is the love for the game and realization of Pakistani youngsters and football lovers that a modern day footballer has to stay in touch with the shorter version of the game to improve sharpness and control.

Teams and the challenge concept

32 Teams have registered for the tournament. The teams consist of registered clubs, depart players, Foreigners and young aspiring local talent. The mix is just perfect

The Challenge concept allowed teams to increase rivalry and the sense of competition. Team can opt out of the draw and challenge a team of there choice for revenge, statement or just popularity. The round limits number of successful challenges to just two per round but this round saw 2 successful plus 2 unsuccessful challenges. Plenty of challenges were also lined up but could not go through. Here is a summary of the same. Some team names can be clicked.

1st Challenge – DID FC challenged Syed Spurs (Not Accepted)

2nd Challenge – Syed Spurs challenged The A team (Accepted)

3rd Challenge – DID FC challenged Gulshan Warriors (Not Accepted)

4th Challenge – Elite United challenged Burning Spurs (Accepted)

Other potential challenges that did not get posted due to rule of only two successful challenges per round.

1- Nights FC wanted to challenge Patriots

2- Red Devils wanted to challenge Elite United

3- Sharks FC wanted to challenge Burning Spurs

4- Patriots FC wanted to challenge Usman FC

The Draw

Apart from the four teams involved in challenges rest went into the draw and some fascinating fixtures were obtained. Here are fixtures for the first two days.

Thursday 18 July
1- The A Team vs Syed Spurs (First Ever Challenge Fixture)
Both teams are young and possess a terrific striker. Abdullah Ahmed for the A team and Captain Zain for the Spurs.

2- Sharks FC vs Spurs FC
Tough physical Sharks are an upcoming team vs Futsal specialists Spurs FC.

Friday 19 July
1- Shaheed Sattar vs JSK
From the House of Pakistani Football Liyari Shaheed Sattar take on Sudani Shooters JSK. Huge contest.

2- Shahbaz FC vs Saudia FC
Losing Semi Finalist on penalties Shahbaz are wounded and favorites vs unpredictable Saudia FC. This is a highlight contest.

3- Young Khans vs DID FC
Two teams which are looking to make a deep run into the tournament this year. One will only get its wish.

Limited seats do not miss it.

Long Live Pakistan
Long Live GSA