FIFA Women Technical Course begins

FIFA Women Technical Course begins

Pakistan, Lahore, Monday, September 10, 2012

FIFA Women Technical course begins at Football House Lahore on Monday. The 5-days coaching course being conducted by Ms. Belinda Wilson FIFA Instructor will conclude on September 14, 2012. Ms. Shaista Laghari and Ms. Ishrat Fatima will act as Assistant Instructor, Miss. Neha Rehman, Course Coordinator and Mr. Arif Siddiqui and Mr. S. M. Husnain as Course Liaison Officer.

According to the press release issued here by PFF, General Secretary PFF, Lt. Col. ® Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi TI (M) inaugurated the course as Chief Guest and said that “PFF is committed to providing football women coaches, from beginner to most advance, with up-to-date theoretical, physical and practical knowledge for coaches from all first division departments, club, provinces and regions can ensure that players develop their skill to full potential”.

“Twenty years ago, the Japanese women football team faced the same situation as we are seeing today with our women team. They with better planning, hard work and diligent participation changed the fate of their team such that they have today become the world champion. We must learn a lesson and put in action the same attitude of the Japanese team.” Mr. Lodhi added.

The course will change the fortune of many participants and this will be a great opportunity for all of the Pakistani football coaches to come on board and take advantage of Ms. Belinda Wilson’s coaching philosophy and experience, she will provide for the coaching of local coaching fraternity. “There is so much happening in modern football and this course where video analysis and practical lessons are involved, helps to get an insight of the game,” added Ms. Belinda Wilson.

The Course will enable the 23 participants to take this challenge. The participants are:

Huria Hussein (Lahore), Bushra Shabbir (Sheikhupura), Faiza Mahmood (Rawalpindi), Rabia (Lahore), Irsa Batool Kazmi (Wah Cantt.) Hina Rafique (Hyderabad), Rifat Shabbir (Sheikhupura), Amber Nazir (Karachi), Zanib Mushtaq (Lahore), Ambreen Hameed (Karachi), Nadeem Munzoor (Lahore), Qurrat-ul-Ain Hameed (Karachi), Naila Rani (Karachi), Rubina Shaheen (Lahore), Tahira Akram (Vehari), Yasmin Akhter (Lahore), Iqra Tabassum (Lahore), Amber Bashir (Sargodha), Syeda Rubina Shafqat (Rawalpindi), Sheka Nazir (Sheikhupura), Madiha Gillani (Sargodha), Hira Aziz (Lahore) and Sniha Khanam (Lahore).

The main purpose of FIFA course programme is to provide member associations with technical knowledge through FIFA-run educational courses in the areas of coaching, refereeing, women’s football, futsal, beach soccer and administrative and medical matters. These courses focus not just on the technical aspects of the game, but also on its social values, as youngsters in particular should regard football as a thought of life.

The principle behind FIFA’s educational initiatives involves the teachers and participants passing on and exchanging know-how, experiences and information, which in turn finds its way back to the associations, instructors and other sectors of society such as the private sector, government bodies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). FIFA’s programme is tailor-made to meet the member associations’ requirements for education and courses.