SAFF Championship 2011 video promo released

In preparation for the 2011 SAFF Championship scheduled to be held in India from 2-11 December 2011 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi, tournament organisers World Sports Group released an official video promo.

The video is featured on the championship’s official Youtube channel and includes highlights from the 2009 SAFF Championship held in Bangladesh.


It also includes some footage involving Pakistan facing Bangladesh in 2009 with Arif Mehmood hitting a shot into the Bangla keeper’s arms and Atif Bashir gesturing in the middle of the pitch.

Also featured on the SAFF Championship channel are highlights of Pakistan’s 7-0 dead rubber win against Bhutan in 2009, as well as Pakistan’s 0-0 draw with Bangladesh.



World Sports Group have also arranged for the 2011 event to be streamed live online through its youtube channel as well as through the Ustream website.

The tournament’s match schedule and kick-off timings have been finalised.

There is a slight change to earlier mentioned kick-off timings. Instead of 15.30 and 18.30 IST kick-offs, the matches will now start at 15.00 and 18.00 IST. (IST = PST + 30 min)

Meanwhile, the SAFF Championship Tournament Organisers have appointed Kyazoonga as official ticketing partner. Tickets will be available from today onwards on . The ticket counters at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium will be opened starting November 30. Daily tickets have been priced at Indian Rs 150 and Indian Rs 75 respectively.

2011 SAFF CUP – New Delhi

Group A: India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Afghanistan

03-Dec-2011: India – Afghanistan (15.00 IST)
03-Dec-2011: Sri Lanka – Bhutan (18.00 IST)
05-Dec-2011: Sri Lanka – Afghanistan (15.00 IST)
05-Dec-2011: Bhutan – India (18.00 IST)
07-Dec-2011: Bhutan – Afghanistan (15.00 IST)
07-Dec-2011: India – Sri Lanka (18.00 IST)

Group B: Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan

02-Dec-2011: Bangladesh – Pakistan (15.00 IST)
02-Dec-2011: Maldives – Nepal (18.00 IST)
04-Dec-2011: Nepal – Bangladesh (15.00 IST)
04-Dec-2011: Pakistan – Maldives (18.00 IST)
06-Dec-2011: Pakistan – Nepal (15.00 IST)
06-Dec-2011: Maldives – Bangladesh (18.00 IST)

09-Dec-2011: Group B Winners – Group A Runners-up (15.00 IST)
09-Dec-2011: Group A Winners – Group B Runners-up (18.00 IST)

11-Dec-2011: Winner SF 1 – Winner SF 2 (18.00 IST)