GSA Ramazan D Goal: Five Stars edge DID FC 1-0

In the first contest of the 6th GSA Ramazan D-Goal Tournament on 7th August Sunday, the youngsters of DID FC were undone by a solitary goal by Five Stars FC.

Great Contest which was dominated by good performances from Abdul Rehman and Abdul Basit of DID FC but it was the all Foreign line up of Five Stars FC that came through.

A stunning long range strike from Malaysian Abdul Hadi of Five Stars FC setttled it. Another Malysian Abdullah Bukhari missed the goal three times and hit the post with no one in goal, while DID FC missed a first half penalty.  1-0, was the final result.

Monday 8th August 2 fixtures

1- Greens United Vs FC Rizvia 10:45 PM

2- GUFC Blue Vs FC Rovers 11:30 PM