Islamabad to host PFF Coaching Course from Friday : Ahmed Yar

Lahore, 23 March: Islamabad will host PFF D-Certificate Football Coaching Course from 25-30 March 2011 at Jinnah Sports Complex. Islamabad Football Association (IFA), with the collaboration of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), will organize six-day Course during which 24 participants from Islamabad, Punjab, FATA, Northern Areas, AJK and Departments can participate will turn up.

PFF Secretary General Lt.Col. Ahmed Yar Khan, TI (M)

‘On the directives of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)’s President Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, who is also AFC Legal and Disciplinary Committee Chairman, PFF Operation Wing used to conduct such courses. It will be one of the two such courses in year 2011 which will cover half of Pakistan areas, during which prominent coaches will give lectures to upcoming coaches under 30 years of age. The lectures were based on rules of the game, basics of coaching, planning for training and coaching, little know-how about injuries, body changes as a result of exercises,” said PFF Secretary General Lt.Col ® Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi who added that participants must be of age 18-30 years.

According to IFA head Dr. Fazal Ur Rehman, aiming to improve the abilities and techniques of coaches, PFF decided to conduct the courses. All the arrangements are being completed to host the course in befitting manner comprising 24 participants. “The list of selected 24 participants and four reserves had been submitted to PFF well before deadline,” said Fazal.

Ahmed Lodhi said that four key things like coaching, competitions, talent hunt and selection on merit are very important. He assured that the players, organizers that PFF is well on the way to take steps for the improvement of the overall game structure of the game and the necessity of coaches is very important chapter in the this game of masses’

“ For six days, twenty-four aspiring coaches from various parts of Pakistan, who had not taken the proper classes of coaching earlier, went through the grind of theory and practical lessons to earn the ‘D’ Licence, which would give them the right to coach several teams and berth in AFC C- Certificate Course. And as the participants realised, this ‘Licence’ neither comes easy nor to everyone but only to the discerning, considering that coaches are the pillars on which a football development program rests. Unless football talents are nurtured on the right lines, the standard of the game will never rise and that is where teaching the game in a systematic manner gains importance. The various ‘licence’ courses that FIFA/AFC has introduced the world over through the different confederations aim at this aspect,’ added Ahmed.

PFF also asked IFA to adhere to the following while selecting participants 1. Understand, read and write simple English 2. Young, fit both physically/mentally 3. Age 18-30 years 4. Involved with coaching of teams of school, college or university having their own soccer facilities and whose Sports cell has the desire to Develop football in future. 5. Actively involved as coach of teams of prominent club, District, Province, National, Departmental level.