FPDC Interviews Shahid Ahmed Khan – coach of Rawalpindi female team Young Rising Star FC

Special thanks to Mr Muhammad Ajmal

On a recent trip to Rawalpindi & Islamabad, FPDC staffer Zaka Ahmed Gondal caught up with former Pakistan international, FIFA Referee, and current coach of Rawalpindi’s Young Rising Star (Female) FC for an exclusive interview for FootballPakistan.Com


Zaka Gondal adds:

Shahid Ahmad Khan the current coach of Young Rising Star football club, the Women Champion team of 2010 and former international player of Pakistan who has 16 + caps against Malasysia, India, China, Afghanistan, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand and Singapore.

He started his career after watching the international footballer at Peshawar city in 1963 when he was just 8 years old in Young Mohammaden. He was a school student at Cantt Public School, Peshawar. Then he started his professional career from Islamabad/Pindi in CDA in 1973. He was selected first time in U20 team’s Camp in 1975 where he trained under the George Grettai for two months but team could not go to China due to some Internal issues.

In 1976-77 he was again called in the camp Pak U-21 team which visited Afghanistan and he practiced under Ameen sahib who was from MALAYSIA but youth team could not do well because it was their first tour and he was again called in Senior team camp due to his excellent performance in this tournament and he got chance to train under Qayyum Ali Changezi. This team played against India, Russia and Afghanistan.

He got also chance to train under the Ph.D. coach Dr Géza Kalocsay of Hungary who trained them in 1978 but he was on standby and could not get selected. The first German player who got contract in Manchester City club after the second world war in England, he was no other then Trouttman. This team played matches against Berma and then Visited Thalinad for King’s Cup in which the beat Malasyia 2-3, Singapore 0-1 and beat China but lost from Thailand and Draw against India. The total points scored in this tournament were 7 and just because of one less point they could not qualify for next round.  General Zia Send special greeting to this Pakistan team on this successful event.

He was again called in camp in 1983 which was under the coaching of Younas Rana coaching one of the biggest star for Pakistan.

He then focused his intentions to the Domestic tournament and championship because he was injured and due to some politics he was not called in the Camp, Later in 1987 he was again called in the Olympics qualifier round against Nepal.

In a very short span of time he has played against the best player of Pakistan who has done so much for Pakistan at international stage but we could not raise the bar of this most playing game of the world.

He has played a large amount of matches in the Domestic level. He has represented the Heavy Mechanical Complex (Taxila) and Rawalpindi Division and his local club at his home,

He has played against the top best team of his era like KMC, PIA, MCB, HBL, PWD, PRESS, NB, CM, KPT, PWD. PAF, NAVY, Railways and all the provinces team of Pakistan.

He then became Referee and was in the FIFA list of 1993 and 1994 but then he left this profession after the dumping of Hafiz salman butt and never went back to that Federation. He was again called in the 2002-3 Premier League of Pakistan and he performed his duties for some years. He was also appointed the LAS and Inspector in the Matches but now he had done his job and was happy to perform his duties efficiently and wanted to give time to the upcoming people and he requested Federation to kindly allow me to do duties at home.

Q) What is the difference between Pakistan football and Football of other region?

A) Our football structure is very weak that is our main problem. Countries like Iran , south korea Japan and china and investing too much on this globally played game but we lack in this and second thing is our domestic system is weak and the involvement of money is it very less. Department should pay more to players if they want to get results from them.

Q) Why African countries like Congo is still so good in football even they don’t have much resources?

A) They getting much support from European Union and United states and are helping them in promoting this game and regularly selected player from that area and bring them to International market which we lack badly. Football is not one year planning we have to do long term planning in it if we want to achieve big goals.

Q) Why we are so good in hockey and cricket but we are at back in football?

A) Look never compares football with Hockey or Cricket. Look at the frame of these two games. Hockey maximum 20 teams in world and cricket just 16 teams. We don’t need much hard work in these games to Qualify in world cup or top your region in local tournament. But if you have to come in qualifying round of football even then you have to compete so many teams. There are more then 200 teams and coming out from all these is very very tough job. So you have to very realistic and patience in this.

Q) Why international coaching is important and how ?

A) look today football is a total science. You know when u pass the ball you have to focus so many things like Gap, Distance between players, time and most importantly your psychology  in this game. You have to very strong and competent in this and read the mind of your opponent every minute and make your plan accordingly.

Q) Now we will ask questions about your coaching and Young rising football club?

A) yes, sure I would love to answer your questions.

Q) how much efforts you have to make in making this possible in very short period of time.?

A) very good question. Seriously we have to work so hard on this. First we made this plan and then we organized a local school tournament and then we selected 30-40 girls in june 2007 and then we discussed our plan with Baloch sahib the president of football club and he got some sponsorship from US-Embassy, all of you know that and we called all these in a camp for 2 months and then we called a parent meeting and presented our agenda infront of them. It was very hard to convince them and we did most of them and achieve this and again call a trial for this camp.

Q) how you started this?

A) we give 150 to each girl for every training session. We have few girls from good families and few from poor families but we were not impartial and performed our duties with faith and hardwork. It was a team effort and everyone did his duty very well. We had to face many difficulties we have to give pick and drop facilities also and called camp for 4 days of a week.

Q) How was the experience?

A) The experience was very good and we made this possible in one year and in 2008 we were champion of Women championship. Just look at us we beat the department team who are professional and getting money for it but we are giving them from our own sponsor and made this possible. I am very calm person and through out my journey I tried my level best and result is infront of you.

Q) where you see Pakistan football?

A) we have to work a lot in this and its not a matter of days we have to work harder and harder because if we have to compete teams like India, china and Nepal then we have to be very focused and determined in this thing.

Q) how many times you became champion?

A) we achieve this twice In year 2008 and 2010 and in 2009 we got third position and we participated first time in 2007. Just look how sharply we got everything. Alhumdulillah I am very happy over it. My girls made this possible and my team helped me a lot.

Q) can you do coaching of International team if Pakistan football federation Call you?

A) they wont call me because I am not C licensed only if everything will be in my hand and no body will do any interference only and only then I will give you result and will take this opportunity and if I wont show result then you wont have to sack me I will leave myself.