Pakistani football in Brazilian Book

The goal was extraordinary, but I closed it: 5 years (2005-2010) investigating about football in all regions of the world through of 200 coaches and players from 38 nationalities. The result of all this is in the book Football Planet: from Brazil to Afghan Frontier, just launched in Brazil.
In the part of Pakistan in the book there are informations about the structural differences of the clubs in the country. The fails from Pakistan Football Federation to organize systems to improve the entire Sport. The difficulties of exchanges and methodological reasons that leads the pakistan player be unable to play in higher levels. Why is it happen? There is an exclusive interview with the defender Zesh Rehman, from Pakistan national team. I was the only Brazilian reporter who interviewed him.
Apart from Pakistan, are 100 countries from all continents in this book. Football in pure condition. Something unprecedented..

English Football

Yes, the football from the old Albion highlighted in the book. From early days of professionalism to the environment extremely bold and with strong marketing from present days. The vision of coaches and players who faced in the pitch big teams from recent years like the Manchester United with Cristiano Ronaldo, the Chelsea with Mourinho, the Arsenal with Thierry Henry and the Liverpool, european champion in 2005. In the end, Andrew Young, ex-former fitness coach at Fulham, telling about the boxing day period, the football on December 26 in England, and how to prepare a team in this period (december 23/24 – january 2/3) , which is the most exhausting at schedule.

Starring top-level

Join the book commenting their experiences at highest level, the Brazilian goalkeeper Taffarel, world champion in 1994, the strikers Iván Zamorano, ex-Real Madrid and Internazionale, Davor Suker, top scorer in World Cup 98, and Fernando Morientes, ex-Real Madrid and Valencia. In addition, players like Ronald De Boer, Abel Balbo, Damiano Tommasi, Felipe Melo and others from 38 countries around the world. Something unprecedented.

Explaining the capa..

Two reasons: The region of Balochistan, which comprises the Afghanistan-Pakistan frontier and part of Iran, is the most remote place where I got sources to tell me about the local reality. Moreover, the image of Afghan kids having fun playing football in an environment precarious and horrible structure shows how the football is socially powerful. The depth of the image touched me. It expressed a special feeling.

* The book was only released in Brazil in Portuguese language. If anyone knows any editor who wants to translate the original text and publish anywhere in the world, please feel free to contact me: