Karachi Football Round-up

16-team floodlit knockout format Saqib Memorial Tourney begins, Babar Sports beat hosts Colony Star in opener. Hussain Baloch Tourney sees results of 6 games with strong show from Malir sides. Yaseen Star beat Gharib Nawaz to win final of All-Dalmia Champions Trophy.

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Karachi Football Round-up: Hussain Baloch Football and New Years Friendly

Baloch Union West, Dilbod Mohammadan, Jam XI enter pre quarter-finals of Hussain Baloch Football with Malir Red, Baloch Youth Garden, Mauripur Greeks knocked out. Korangi Gymkhana beat Baloch Star in New Years friendly; Chicago-based goalkeeper Daniyal Bari impresses in game.

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Karachi football round up

Karachi Friendship Football to start from 4th December. 8 teams to play in group league format at Golden Star Ground, New Karachi. FC Rovers Malir and Young Afridi Baldia to play opening game.

Hussain Baloch Tournament witnesses 5 matches. Sindh Balochistan, Mauripur Baloch, , Sajidi Muhammadan, Dilbod Muhammadan, Mehfooz XI win. Gul Baloch, Shafi XI, Sahibdad Star, Burma Muhammadan, and Al-Shahbaz knocked out.

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