Meeting convened to finalise arrangements for WC qualifier against Jordan [The News]

Meeting convened to finalise arrangements for WC qualifier against Jordan [The News]

by Abdul Mohi Shah

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) has convened a meeting of all the concerned authorities to finalise the security measures and other connected arrangements for the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Round II match against Jordan here at the Jinnah Stadium.

The match scheduled for March 21 will be a day affair following the decision of Normalization Committee’s (NC) not to wait any further on the installation of floodlights.

Jordan, the runners-up of the Asia Cup held recently, is one of the strongest sides in Asia. Jordan even have recently beaten Tajikistan team that played a one-sided match against Pakistan on November 21, 2023 which the visitors own 6-1.

The omens look even tougher for Pakistan against Jordan as yet another goal-scoring spree is awaiting the home team.

To give the arrangements final touches, the PSB has convened stakeholders’ meeting today (Friday) to discuss different issues.

“The main reason to convene the meeting is to finalize arrangements to be taken to maintain foolproof security for the visitors and to adopt measures for the easy access of spectators to the stadium. Representatives of security agencies, traffic police and officials of other concerned departments are expected to attend the meeting.

The meeting will be chaired by Director General Pakistan Sports Board Shoaib Khoso,” an official told ‘The News’. The representatives of the Pakistan Football Federation’s (PFF) Normalization Committee (NC) are also expected to attend the meeting.

The NC’s fate as the future administrator is hanging in the balance. The FIFA’s executives are expected to meet late in the evening to decide on their extension or otherwise. The NC’s tenure ends today (Friday). Chances are there that a new setup of NC may be given charge to conduct the PFF’s elections at the earliest.

Meanwhile, the national football team has commenced its rigorous training camp in preparation for the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Round 2 home match against Jordan in Lahore. Under the supervision of head coach Stephen Constantine, the team is diligently honing its skills and tactics for the upcoming encounter.

Goalkeeping coaches Rogerio Ramos and Nauman Ibrahim have been dedicating their efforts to the goalkeepers, while Fitness Coach Claudio Altieri is ensuring peak performance in preparation for the crucial match.

The training camp, currently underway in Lahore, will span over the next few days before moving to Islamabad, where the team will continue its preparations.

Published in The News, 15 March 2024