Jordanian Messi to be seen in today’s clash [The News]

Jordanian Messi to be seen in today’s clash [The News]

ISLAMABAD: Musa Al-Tamari, branded as Jordanian Messi, is here to make his presence felt during the World Cup 2026 qualifying round match against Pakistan today (Thursday).

Musa Al-Tamari, a household name in Jordan, is already on the radar of leading European Clubs, watching each match progress before hiring him.“Yes Musa is here and will be seen playing against Pakistan on Thursday. He is the most popular name in our country and I am hopeful he would live up to expectations,” Al Hussain Al Musa, the Jordan coach when questioned, said.

He added that there are some others in the Jordanian team who would be seen making an impact in the match.

“We have got a star-studded outfit and that they proved during their recent performance in the Asia Cup where our outfit defeated the best teams like Japan and Korea on their way to the final. We are here to make an impact,” he added.

Al Hussain Al Musa said that the expectations of Jordanian people are sky high now.“Since we toppled the best teams of Asia on our way to make it to the Asia Cup final, the interest of the game and fan following has gone high. Now every Jordanian expects us to beat the best teams. We are capable of doing that, upsetting the best and making it to the World Cup finals.”

On football’s future in his country, the Jordanian coach said that every possible step has been taken to raise one after another tier of squads.“We have all kinds of domestic football including leagues and are in the process of investing heavily in soccer. In a few years you would see good players coming up in numbers to make a claim for the national side.”

He called on Pakistan football to generate activities at all levels and introduce leagues to raise their football standard.“Football at this point of time is not the most favourite Pakistan sport which I think is cricket. I would suggest activities at all levels to improve football standard and to generate interest among youth in the game which would help the country have a better future.”

Published in The News, 21 March 2024