Clubs reject PFF NC’s elections protocols [The News]

Clubs reject PFF NC’s elections protocols [The News]

by Alam Zeb Safi

LAHORE: Rejecting the district elections protocols which Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee uploaded on its social media platform on February 7, clubs across the country have advised NC to review the electoral procedure and other regulations.

Clubs also advised NC that it should release the voting list first before going for the nomination process. “On December 12 NC issued regulations that the district conveners will be appointed and the provincial election commissioners will have a role. No body has been appointed yet,” a club official told ‘The News’.

He said that holding voting process through whatsapp is totally wrong and unacceptable. “It will ensure rigging,” the official said. “Look, the protocols say that you can get the nomination form from February 9 and can submit it by February 14 but the electoral list will be issued on February 15. I can take part in the electoral process only when I am a congress member. If I don’t know whether I am a member of the congress or not then how can I apply to contest elections? It’s a huge drawback of the process,” the official said.

“The rules which had earlier been issued say that district convener will be in charge of the electoral process and he will be appointed by the provincial election commissioner. It will be easy to approach the district coordinator and we will get his assistance also in the whole electoral process by taking form from him and also will be able to submit the form,” he said.

“Moreover the PFF constitution says that the electoral process will be held through secret ballot. How can you go for whatsapp voting process? The entire voting process is conducted on a single day,” the official said.

“So far NC has also not appointed secretary of the electoral committee. The secretary electoral committee notifies the matters and not NC. Result is also announced by the secretary electoral committee. There is no relevance of the Pakistan Football Connect (PFC) programme with the election process,” the official said.

Another major club official questioned how NC can go for elections when scrutiny has not yet been completed. “In Balochistan scrutiny in nine districts has not been conducted yet. If I have submitted my nomination paper and then my name is missing from the electoral list then what will I do? If I go for making my panel and if they have no voting right the next day then what will I do? First NC should issue voting list and then should invite nomination papers. If my name is not there in the voting list then to whom will I appeal?” the official said.

“There are so many blunders. I think NC wants us to go to courts so that it could get more time. “Whatsapp voting is sheer rigging as I don’t know where my vote is going. If everything is conducted in front of the convener and journalists then transparency can be ensured,” the official said.

Most of the clubs owners were not aware of the voting protocols which NC uploaded on facebook on February 7. “I don’t know about the protocols,” a big club owner told this correspondent from Karachi. “I also tried to reach NC’s members on phone but no one replied. NC has our email addresses and contact numbers and it should have informed us through relevant addresses. We don’t go to facebook,” the official said.

Another club official termed it a joke. “It’s total engineering to pave way for rigging. It’s not in the mandate of FIFA. NC is testing the nerves of the football stakeholders. Voting will be conducted in front of the convener. NC is not going to conduct elections as it seeks another extension,” the official said.

Published in The News, 10 February 2024