IPC Ministry writes letter to FIFA over delay in PFF elections [Geo Super]

IPC Ministry writes letter to FIFA over delay in PFF elections [Geo Super]

The Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination wrote a letter to FIFA, dated January 11, regarding the delay in the elections of the Pakistan Football Federation.

In the letter, Federal Minister Fawad Hasan Fawad lamented the fact that the elections “have not been completed even after more than four years of existence of PFF Normalisation Committee”.

The letter added that the PFF NC has been doing everything it can to “prolong its existence at the cost of game”.

“You will appreciate that in no case FIFA wanted the Normalisation Committee to assume the role of the Federation itself for an unlimited time,” it added.

Fawad also urged FIFA that the process of elections should be completed well before the last extended deadline of March 15, 2024, without any further extensions.

The Ministry also called for a meeting between the all the relevant stakeholders.

“I would therefore, suggest that a meeting for reviewing the work done so far by the Normalisation Committee may be immediately held in Pakistan or at any other location of your choice in presence of representatives of Government of Pakistan to set a clear roadmap for completing the electoral process of Pakistan Football Federation,” the letter concluded.

Las month, the meeting between the Pakistani government, FIFA, Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and PFF NC was surprisingly postponed.

The PFF NC has conveyed the message of postponement to the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and the IPC Ministry.

Earlier, FIFA had proposed a meeting with the Pakistan’s government officials in Dubai from September 11-13 through a letter it wrote in July but due to busy schedule of officials of various parties it could not be held.

After that some more options were weighed and eventually it was decided that the meeting among the various parties will be held on December 12 in Dubai but that could also not take place. 

Published in Geo Super, 22 January 2024