Club scrutiny concludes in 65 districts nationwide

Club scrutiny concludes in 65 districts nationwide

(PFF NC Press Release – 4th December 2023)

The Pakistan Football Federation’s election procedures are in full swing, with the completion of the scrutiny process in 65 districts.

A total of 2,934 clubs across these districts have undergone physical scrutiny, which included the organization of 1011 matches.

The election process is intricately connected to the District Championship matches, serving as a possible means to grant voting rights in the PFF elections to legitimate and actively participating clubs.

Saud Hashimi, head of the Pakistan Football Connect program, has said that for the first time, so many district matches are being played all over Pakistan. Every weekend, 80- 100 matches in 7-10 districts are being played and over 100 local football communities are deployed.

All Pakistan District Championships (APDCs) have proven our community can deliver official FIFA rules football nationwide and we look forward to deploying the same process and approach for all official competitions to finally allow our clubs and players to be recognized for their achievements, he added.