PFF reveals three potential clubs to participate in SAFF Club Championship 2024 [Geo Super]

PFF reveals three potential clubs to participate in SAFF Club Championship 2024 [Geo Super]

The Pakistan Football Federation’s (PFF) Normalisation Committee has announced three nominees for the inaugural SAFF Club Championship 2024

As per details, an official invitation has been extended to the PFF to nominate a football club to represent Pakistan in this premier club football competition.

While adhering to the principle of sporting merit, only clubs that have participated in the top-tier official competition in the country, the Pakistan Premier League (PPL), are eligible for consideration.

“After a meticulous review of the last 10 years’ data, it has been identified that the PPL has been held twice. The deserving clubs that have consistently showcased their prowess in both instances are: Afghan Football Club, Muslim Football Club, and Baloch Noshki Football Club,” PFF said in a statement.

Meanwhile, to further evaluate the criteria of sporting merit, these clubs will be invited to partake in a competition utilising a league format

The club leading in points will earn the esteemed opportunity to represent Pakistan in the SAFF Club Championship 2024. The single league-based competition is scheduled to take place in Quetta while details of the said event will be shared in due course.

Last week, departmental football teams joined hands to launch a strong protest against the intent of PFF’s Normalisation Committee to ignore departments and field a club in the inaugural SAFF Club Championship to be held next year.

SAFF Club Championship will carry 16 teams — four each from India and Bangladesh, three from Maldives, two from Nepal and one each from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

It must be noted that the top teams of their professional leagues represent their country in the tournament but Pakistan don’t have a league which is why only one club is allowed to compete in the event.

The tournament will be played on home and away basis over a six-seven month period.

Published in Geo Super, 29 November 2023