Furious Constantine exposes Pak football [The News]

Furious Constantine exposes Pak football [The News]

ISLAMABAD: Utterly disappointed and disturbed over the poor display of Pakistan team in the World Cup Qualifying round match against Tajikistan, team Head Coach Stephen Constantine declared that the country does not deserve to play at such a level.

“I am totally upset and disappointed at today’s outcome and poor football display put up by Pakistan. I would not make any excuses here. I have to admit that we played poorly. Pakistan left many loopholes. Despite repeated instructions these players never tried to remove their flaws. I have to admit that we don’t deserve playing at such a level,” the team head coach who was so furious that he pushed the mike aside only to talk the reality straight addressing sports scribes present at a post-match media talk.

Stephen Constantine was very vocal at numerous flaws visible in Pakistan football, declaring that the World Cup qualifying round is no stage to learn the game. “If Pakistan football has any misconception that this stage is meant to learn football, they are highly mistaken. It is a stage where you have to show what you have learned already and how capable and ready you are for such a big occasion. Surprisingly Pakistan football has not learned anything.”

He claimed that in the absence of League football and a true domestic structure, learning the art of football and then raising the standard of your game would not be easy.

“Look you don’t have any structure nor do you have any football system. Even countries like Nepal and Maldives have a Football League system but in Pakistan there is no system where you can groom players and help learn the art before exploding at international level.”

The head coach added that he repeatedly stressed on the players not to take Tajik team lightly as they have the guts to rip you apart. “No heed was paid as Pakistan players kept on making the same mistakes time and again which resulted in such a heavy loss.”

Stephen Constantine declared that he was really upset at what he had seen on Tuesday. “Crowd wanted us to play a better game but we failed to do that but more due to the raw game.” Amazingly Haroon Malik, Chairman Football Normalization Committee who also talked to media briefly said he was satisfied with the team’s performance.

“Winning and losing is part of the game. I am satisfied with the team’s performance. I hope that the Football League will help in raising the standard of the game.”

Published in The News, 22 November 2023