PFF NC praises fans’ support for WC qualifier [The News]

PFF NC praises fans’ support for WC qualifier [The News]

MARDAN: Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee Chairman Haroon Malik has paid tribute to the fervent football fans whose unwavering passion transformed the FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier match between Pakistan and Cambodia into an unforgettable and remarkable showpiece.

“With over 13,000 enthusiasts in attendance, the Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad bore witness to an electrifying clash that captured the hearts of fans from across the nation. These devoted supporters remained engrossed in the game from the very first whistle until the final moments, savouring every instance of thrilling football,” Haroon was quoted as saying.

“The atmosphere during the Pakistan and Cambodia match felt as if the local fans were relishing a FIFA World Cup showdown on their home turf. Their spirits were sky-high, and their extraordinary love and enthusiasm for the game of football added an unparalleled significance to these historic moments,” Haroon said.

“Many football aficionados travelled from remote corners of the country to witness their football heroes in action. The result they witnessed, which marked the first-ever victory of the Pakistan football team in World Cup Qualifiers history, will be etched into the annals of Pakistan’s footballing history,” he said.

Published in The News, 20 October 2023