Dismayed by PFF NC conduct, Nasir Ismail quits [The News]

Dismayed by PFF NC conduct, Nasir Ismail quits [The News]

LAHORE: Utterly dismayed by the treatment meted out to the country’s home-grown coaches by the Normalisation Committee, former Pakistan assistant coach Nasir Ismail on Tuesday announced that he is quitting football until elections of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) are held.

“I am quitting football as a reaction to the way the PFF NC has maltreated Pakistan football coaches and the way they have been disgraced except those family members like Adeel Rizki. Although the coaches are silent they should raise their voice against the injustice with mainstream coaches who have rendered meritorious services for Pakistan football,” Nasir told The News.

“Look, NC chairman Haroon Malik disgraced coaches including former Pakistan captain Jaffar Khan, Sajjad Mehmood and Hassan Baloch by removing them in a way which is unacceptable. The conditioning camp of the Pakistan senior team which recently qualified for the second round of the 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers had been conducted by these three coaches. Jaffar has served Pakistan for a long time both as goalkeeper and captain and the way he has been disgraced by NC and its chairman is cruel. If these coaches remain silent they will also be treated like this by the next elected PFF,” Nasir said.

“I will return to the mainstream football when an elected PFF takes charge. I will now focus on my club and academy,” Nasir was quick to add.

Published in The News, 26 October 2023