2026 WCQs: Pakistan face hosts Cambodia in 1st leg

2026 WCQs: Pakistan face hosts Cambodia in 1st leg

Pakistan’s Quest for World Cup Glory: Clash with Cambodia in Away Leg

(Cambodia – PFF Press Release 11th October 2023)

The anticipation is reaching its zenith as Pakistan’s men’s football team prepares to face Cambodia in an away leg FIFA World Cup Qualifier showdown at the iconic National Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The much-awaited match is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, with kick-off at 5:00 pm (PST).

This momentous away-leg encounter is part of Pakistan’s historic campaign to secure their first-ever second-round qualification in the World Cup. If successful against Cambodia, Pakistan will earn a coveted place in Group G, alongside football powerhouses Tajikistan, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, marking a groundbreaking achievement for the nation.

The Pakistan national football team, led by their dynamic coach and a squad of exceptionally talented players, is ready to give their all on the pitch. They’ve left no stone unturned in their preparation, showcasing immense hard work, dedication, and resilience to reach this pivotal juncture. Their aim is to make the nation proud by clinching a spot in the second round and etching their names in football history.

Stephen Constantine & Easah Suliman in pre-match press conference – 2026 WCQs in Cambodia

In a pre-match press conference, Coach Stephen Constantine, ahead of the critical Cambodia clash, emphasized the team’s positive attitude and transformation: “It will be a very difficult game, but I think the attitude for us has to be positive. I think it will be a very different Pakistan team that people see from now on, and hopefully, we can get results here and finish the process in Islamabad.”

The coach added, “Cambodia has a very good team. I played against them a couple of times with India. When you have a team that is settled and have a coach that has been there for some time, it makes all the difference. We got together a little late. I have to say that the attitude of the players was incredibly good, and they worked a little bit harder than they have done before. I hope that tomorrow you will see the new Pakistan and the new start of football.”

Key Pakistani footballer, Easah Suliman, expressed the team’s confidence and eagerness for the game: “We’re confident and we have to be confident for the game. We’re not going into the game thinking we won’t win. As the coach said, we’ve been training hard and working well. We know it’s gonna be a good crowd, and we’re excited and looking forward to it.”

On the opposing side, Cambodia’s Head Coach, Félix Dalmás, displayed a sense of confidence, emphasizing the strength of the Pakistani side: “We’re going to play against a strong side tomorrow as I said FIFA ranking doesn’t represent the quality they have. I think all the players understand their responsibility.

“The new players that we have and the players that have been here before, all have the same feeling and the same passion to represent the country. So, we will do our best to bring happiness to the people of Cambodia tomorrow,” he added.

The home-leg match against Cambodia will be a significant occasion, set to take place at the iconic Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad. It offers Pakistani football enthusiasts an opportunity to rally behind their team, showcasing their support as they witness the pursuit of this historic qualification.