PSB directs NC to submit performance and funding details [The News]

PSB directs NC to submit performance and funding details [The News]

by Abdul Mohi Shah

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) has directed the Normalization Committee (NC) of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) to submit manager reports of the disastrous tours of the national team where Pakistan failed to win a single match.

In a letter addressed to NC Chairman Haroon Malik, the PSB has demanded a manager report on the FIFA friendlies that Pakistan team played in Mauritius from June 8-18 and then South Asian Championship held from June 21 to July 3 in India.

“The events turned out to be disastrous as far as the Pakistan team performances are concerned. In both the events, Pakistan have failed to win a single match, turning out to be the worst showing by any team. We have written a letter to the NC to know what has gone wrong which resulted in such a pathetic performance. To know the exact reasons and to move forward from here on, we have written a letter to the NC to furnish manager reports,” one of the PSB officials, when contacted, said.

He added that the National Assembly Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial (IPC) has already communicated to the government to seek reports from the NC on the Pakistan teams’ recent performances in different international events.

“On the instructions of the NA Standing Committee, we have already written a letter to the football NC. This is our second letter which we have written on July 11 to the NC and sought manager reports at the earliest. Since the NC has picked the two events for international exposure, the PSB wants to know the exact reason for these disastrous tours.”

The official added that the basketball federation had recently participated in an international event held in Maldives following seven years of no international exposure. “Yet they won four out of six matches which indeed was a creditable performance. So there must be a reason as to what has gone wrong with the Pakistan football team,” he said.

In a separate letter addressed to all federations including PFF NC, the PSB has also demanded to share all the details of national and international funding by the respective unit.

Published in The News, 13 July 2023