Naveed demands Haroon be sacked [The News]

Naveed demands Haroon be sacked [The News]

LAHORE: Former vice-president of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Sardar Naveed Haider on Sunday said that FIFA should not give extension to the Haroon Malik-led Normalisation committee and requested the world football governing body to sack the NC’s chief.

He was talking to ‘The News’ after a football convention he held here on Sunday which was attended by dozens of former international footballers.

“He (Haroon) has already failed to implement the mandate given to him by the AFC and FIFA. He has done nothing during the last six months. FIFA should remove him and should not appoint other chairman but FIFA’s in-charge, who looks after Pakistan’s matter, should come and meet the stakeholders, devise a plan and implement it in the next two months,” Naveed said.

He claimed that the convention was attended by 40 former Pakistan players, including four captains. He said that those who attended the convention included former Pakistan captain Haroon Yousuf, Sarwar Teddy, Ishfaq, Amjad, Mohammad Arshad, Hidayatullah and Zahid Luqman.

Naveed said if FIFA gives extension to NC then they will go to the court to get a stay order.

“We will not let them work. We will get a stay order,” he warned.

“We have also told the IPC Minister to talk to FIFA and ensure he (Haroon) does not get an extension,” Naveed said. It is pertinent to mention here that FIFA has given the NC till June 30, 2023, to hold the PFF elections.

Naveed also questioned how NC conducts scrutiny when it has not yet appointed election commissioner at national or provincial level.

“On what ground is he seeking further extension when he has done nothing towards elections despite getting extension twice!” said Naveed.

“He has no intention to hold elections; his focus is on managing football events,” he said.

Published in The News, 19 June 2023