PFF combines Election Physical Scrutiny, District Championships [The Nation]

PFF combines Election Physical Scrutiny, District Championships [The Nation]

LAHORE-The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has announced the integration of election physical scrutiny into the District Championships, a groundbreaking initiative endorsed by FIFA. This decision not only fulfills PFF Constitutional requirements but also sets a new benchmark for transparent and representative elections in Pakistan’s football community. 

PFF Normalisation Committee member Saud Hashimi emphasizes the significance, stating, “For the first time in Pakistan’s history, physical scrutiny will be conducted through competition. This ensures that only genuine clubs meeting necessary requirements will qualify for voting rights in the upcoming PFF election.” 

By combining physical scrutiny with the District Championships, the PFF aims to streamline the election timeline while upholding FIFA’s mandate for free, fair, representative, and constitutionally valid elections. District Championships serve as a prerequisite for voting clubs, enabling on-ground assessment during the initial round matches. 

To accommodate over 140 districts and numerous teams, the PFF will organize a minimum of 140 District Championships in batches of 6-8 districts each weekend. The first-round matches, dedicated to physical scrutiny, will have shorter durations. Subsequent rounds will be full-length, culminating in a final match to crown the District Champion. 

The PFF commends the Pakistan Football Connect (PFC) system, enabling compliance with FIFA’s rules and regulations for organized football. The implementation of one player, one club rules is vital for official football recognition, and these Championships are expected to revive Pakistan’s standing in authentic FIFA club football. 

During the initial round of scrutiny matches, the PFF will conduct a randomized draw. Each game will consist of two 25-minute halves, a 10-minute break, and a penalty shootout, if necessary. The scrutiny protocol includes comprehensive compliance checks for players and officials by the PFC team and match commissioner. 

Two scrutiny officers will monitor matches and submit reports for each club. The Scrutiny Committee will review these checks, reports, and documentation from the PFC, scrutiny officers, match commissioners, and referees to make final decisions on club rights. 

“We aim to demonstrate to the entire football community in Pakistan that fair enforcement of rules in a transparent manner is essential for a successful election and a promising future,” expressed a PFF spokesperson. 

“We urge footballers and clubs to rise and reclaim their rightful place. The District Championships mark the beginning of a new era for Pakistan football, embracing proper, official FIFA football on our home soil.” 

Published in The Nation, 24 May 2023