Nationwide football trials begin under PM Talent Hunt [The News]

Nationwide football trials begin under PM Talent Hunt [The News]

by Abdul Mohi Shah

ISLAMABAD: All Pakistan football trials for men and women will begin under Prime Minister Sports Talent Hunt Programme where the best players will be selected for future grooming and exposure. Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Shaza Fatima Khawaja said that under the programme, the registration of budding aspirants falling in a particular age bracket has already started.

“The PM Youth Sports Development programme started during Nawaz Sharif era in 2013. The programme turned out to be a real success as national and international athletes groomed well to represent departments and country, respectively.” She added that under the PM Youth Talent Hunt programme, hockey and volleyball trials have already been conducted.

“ She added that a total of 54,000 youths from various regions in the country have been positively engaged through diverse sporting activities under the umbrella of the Prime Minister’s Youth Talent Hunt and Sports League.

“Notably, the trials for volleyball have been successfully conducted in 28 regions across the country and the Provincial Volleyball League is set to commence shortly. Similarly, hockey trials have been concluded in 25 regions nationwide and the Provincial Hockey League has already begun.”

Shaza also said that now the focus is on football. “The Prime Minister’s Youth Programme is proud to announce the nationwide launch of the PM’s Football Talent Hunt trials, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at discovering and nurturing the football stars of tomorrow. This programme marks a significant step towards promoting sports and providing young football enthusiasts with a platform to showcase their skills on a national level.”

The PM’s Football Talent Hunt trials will be held across the country, offering aspiring footballers an unprecedented opportunity to compete in a structured and professional environment. The trials will be organised in collaboration with renowned sports organisations, national football associations, and experienced coaches to ensure fair evaluation and comprehensive talent identification.

She said that youth laptop scheme has also restarted under the leadership of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif with a plan to distribute 100,000 among the students. The programme had faced challenges in the past, leading to its temporary closure. Now it has been reinstated as it was an integral part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme.”

Published in The News, 27 May 2023