‘FIFA wants free and fair PFF elections’ [The News]

‘FIFA wants free and fair PFF elections’ [The News]

KARACHI: The PFF Normalisation Committee chairman Haroon Malik on Thursday said that FIFA team, which handles Pakistan’s case, wants genuinely free and fair PFF elections and as per Constitution.

“FIFA team wants two things. It wants free and fair PFF elections and as per Constitution. They are clear on the point that no changes can be made to the Constitution,” Haroon told ‘The News’ from Rwanda.

Haroon and NC’s senior members Shahid Khokhar and Saud Hashmi also on Thursday attended FIFA Congress at which Gianni Infantino was re-elected as FIFA president unopposed.

“We held a meeting with the FIFA team on Wednesday and it pledges full support to the NC in its efforts to hold free and fair elections. We discussed Constitution, election plan and we also shared with them our plan to begin district elections process from May 15,” Haroon said.

“We will meet Rolf Tanner and others this evening also and will further discuss the election matter,” Haroon said.

Haroon added that FIFA team is also studying the data of the clubs via Pakistan Football Connect (PFC).

“We also held a meeting with the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and discussed with it various matters including India’s visas process as India is set to host the SAFF Cup in July,” Haroon said.

“We also held meeting with the Football Association of Maldives (FAM) president. Pakistan team will be going to face Maldives in an international friendly on March 21 in Maldives,” Haroon said.

He also made it clear that Pakistan will be playing only one game on the trip.

“Yes Pakistan will play only one game against Maldives. We wanted to manage an additional game also but there are so many challenges and Ramadan is also round the corner,” Haroon said.

Haroon said that NC’s delegation also met Gianni Infantino after he was re-elected as FIFA president.

“We congratulated him and wished him best of luck,” Haroon said.

Meanwhile an NC press release, while quoting Haroon, said that the re-election of Gianni Infantino will help in maintaining the continuity of the current successful policies of FIFA.

Published in The News, 17 March 2023