Rehabilitation of Football House in Karachi begins [The News]

Rehabilitation of Football House in Karachi begins [The News]

KARACHI: FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee on Wednesday started the rehabilitation of the Football House Karachi.

A delegation of NC headed by its chairman Haroon Malik on Wednesday visited the facility which was built by FIFA when Faisal Saleh Hayat was the PFF chief. It is located in Hawksbay.

Haroon drove a tractor to inaugurate the rehabilitation process. An NC source told ‘The News’ that the Football House condition is very bad. He added that the NC’s top priority was to make the regular pitch playable in the first phase so that football activities could be started there.

The source said that grass cannot be grown on the pitch as the water was saline because of the proximity to the sea.

The source said NC chairman Haroon is interested in preparing some beach soccer pitches also.

The source said that the small ground which is located close to the main gate of the FIFA Football House can be converted into small football pitches.

However, the source said that nothing can be done at this stage regarding the main building of the facility as it will need a huge amount.

Published in The News, 26 January 2023