Pak Football Connect deadline extended

Pak Football Connect deadline extended

(PFF Press Release: 16 December 2022)

Expressing certain genuine concerns about clubs in flood-affected areas of Sindh and Balochistan, stakeholders have requested the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) to extend the registration date of Pakistan Football Connect (PFC) for affected clubs that intend to take part in the forthcoming PFF elections.

Responding to the appeal by the football community, the PFF has decided to extend the date of the PFC registration process to 15 January 2023 from 15 December 2022 for clubs providing a genuine reason for the delay.

With easy access to the online platform and call center, club users have already started to put club details into the Connect platform.

The ones who have yet to get registered with PFC and desire to see themselves in football and futsal field in 2023 can begin registration with a simple 3-5 minute phone call to 021-36492013.