Pak football team trainer says boys have potential [The News]

Pak football team trainer says boys have potential [The News]

KARACHI: Pakistan football team’s Brazilian physical trainer Rodrigo Esteves dos Santos has said that the boys have the potential to click in any situation.

“A solid lot has been picked for national duty which has the ability to shine in any situation,” Rodrigo has been quoted as saying.

“They all are good players and good learners as well. I am also trying my best to boost their fitness level,” he said.

His plan is to make the boys speedy and physically strong. “My aim is to focus on their technical skills as well which will help them in future,” he said.

Rodrigo also appreciated the nutrition plan for the boys during the camp which is in operation in Lahore.

“We are giving good food and supplements to the players to make them physically strong,” Rodrigo said.

Pakistan team is preparing at Lahore for national duty. Maldives is expected to arrive in Lahore next month to play a two-match series against Pakistan most probably at the Punjab Stadium.

Published in The News, 5 October 2022