NC to register referees as well with FIFA Connect Program: Haroon [The Nation]

NC to register referees as well with FIFA Connect Program: Haroon [The Nation]

LAHORE-The delegation of Pakistan Football Referee Association (PFRA) called on Normalisation Committee Chairman Haroon Malik and NC member Shahid Khokar here at the PFF Headquarters on Sunday. 

The PFRA delegation comprised of its Congress members including Muhammad Shafique, Saeed Khan, Essa Khan, Nazir Hussain, Muhammad Sharif, Muhammad Iqbal, Ch Abdul Rasheed and observers from referee community Mazhar Yaqoob, Shafat Habib, Ejaz Mohsin Sherazi, Javed Bangash, Khurram Shehzad, Waheed Murad, Khalid Khan, Irshad Ul Haq, Muhammad Ali and Ahmed Rauf. 

“I welcome you all to this meeting. You are not only representing the PFRA but Pakistan. Once the beach soccer and futsal events are started by the PFF NC, the referees will get more opportunities,” the NC chairman told the PFRA delegation. “The referees development along with holding the PFF elections is a top priority of the PFF NC.”

“The referees would also be registered with FIFA Connect Program in future. With this, football referees will enjoy the best available opportunities for them at international level,” the NC Chief said and added: “To execute all these plans, we need support of all our stakeholders especially the referees and coaches. We all should work together at the same platform to Pakistan football to new heights.”

Malik also asked the PFRA members to share their suggestions for referees’ development. “It’s a high time when you need to just think about PFRA and Pakistan football and work tirelessly for both as it is the only way to promote both in the best possible manner and help Pakistan football progress by leaps and bounds.” 

Published in The Nation, 17 October 2022