NC: ‘Football clubs get int’l access first time in Pakistan’s history’

NC: ‘Football clubs get int’l access first time in Pakistan’s history’

For the first time in Pakistan’s history, football clubs, academies, and teams have been given FIFA IDs, a global ID recognized by FIFA MAs. From tomorrow (Saturday), registered users will begin to receive activation emails allowing them access to complete the registration process by entering club, team, and player information. This is the crucial first step towards holding free and fair elections.

Addressing a press conference here at Pakistan Football Headquarters, Lahore, the Normalization Committee Chairman Haroon Malik flanked by NC member Saud Hashmi said “When the series of data compilation of clubs, academies, coaches and officials were started through the Pakistan Football Connect program, it got a great response. Thousands of stakeholders submitted applications by obtaining information from the special office established in Karachi. After verifying the data, clubs are being given access to the ID portal from tomorrow (Saturday), the registered club will have recognition not only in the organized system of football in Pakistan but also at the international level.”

He further said “I am glad that the Normalization Committee got the opportunity to take this historic step in its tenure, moving swiftly toward the PFF elections as per its mandate. Through this, the registration of clubs on merit will help make the whole process transparent”, he added.

Sharing his views, the member Normalisation Committee Saud Hashmi said: “With the registration of more than 3,500 clubs, the world will get an idea of the popularity and real structure of football in Pakistan. The data of the clubs can be seen not only in Pakistan but also anywhere in the world”, he maintained.

Shahid Khokhar, Member NC said at this occasion, “Pakistan Football Connect Program is a real revolution to nurture the Club Culture in Pakistan. He said that no matter what the field, no project can be successful without the records being compiled transparently. After the completion of the Pakistan Football Connect Programme, nothing will be left undefined, the project will have far-reaching consequences for Pakistan Football”, he asserted.