Parwaaz LUMS hold Tharparkar tournament for girls and boys

Parwaaz LUMS hold Tharparkar tournament for girls and boys

Parwaaz is a student-led organisation established by LUMS students, which aims to work for sports development in Pakistan, especially in the most neglected regions of the country. We believe that there is untapped and insurmountable talent in Pakistan. Therefore, we have set out to provide sports aspirants in Pakistan with a national-level platform to showcase their talent and skills.

Parwaaz takes pride in organising The First 3-day Parwaaz National Youth Football Tournament for Girls & Boys in Mithi, Tharparkar from Dec 29, 2021, to Dec 31, 2021. Six boys teams including Muzaffarabad FC, Hyderabad FC, Mithi FC, NED (Thar Campus) FC, Mirpurkhas FC, and Parwaaz LUMS Boys Team (from Lahore) participated in the tournament. Four girls teams in collaboration with Miss. Sadia Sheikh from Diya Women’s Football Club (DWFC) participated in the tournament including DWFC Karachi, Thatta Girls FC, Mirpurkhas Girls FC, and Parwaaz LUMS Girls Team.

The girls’ tournament was held on Dec 29, 2021, with a total of 6 matches played following the round-robin format. DWFC played a riveting final against Mirpurkhas Girls FC. Both teams put up the performance of a lifetime where more than 1000 local spectators along with their families and children came to watch. The victory was bagged by DWFC who played with phenomenal vigour, under the coaching of Miss. Sadia Sheikh.

The boys’ tournament was held on Dec 30, 2021, and Dec 31, 2021, where 6 matches following the round-robin format were played on Day 1, and two Semi-finals plus Final played on Day 2. Semi-final 1 was played amongst NED (Thar Campus) FC and Mirpurkhas FC, Mirpurkhas won. Semi-final 2 was played amongst Muzaffarabad FC and Hyderabad FC, Muzaffarabad FC made it to the final. Finally, an intense final was played amongst Muzaffarabad FC and Mirpurkhas FC with Mirpurkhas claiming victory. More than 5000 spectators enjoyed the 3-day football tournament organised by Parwaaz for the people of Thar.

Parwaaz was able to achieve the following goals:

  1. Promote sports development in Mithi, Tharparkar specifically, through football
  2. Promote diversity, inclusivity and goodwill in Mithi, Tharparkar
  3. Promote community development in Mithi, Tharparkar
  4. Promote a positive image of Mithi, Tharparkar

Parwaaz contributed to community development in Tharparkar by identifying two of the most deserving villages in the region with no source of drinking water, Khari and Hothier, and constructed solar-powered submersible wells over there. It resulted in the supply of sweet water at the doorsteps of the local residents. Local business was also supported in Mithi as tourism boosted in the region during the tournament. Moreover, more than 200 footballs were distributed amongst local children.

Since Mithi had no sports infrastructure, two goal-posts were specifically built for Parwaaz Youth National Football Tournament which were later donated to Mithi FC. Soft image of Mithi, Tharparkar was promoted through media coverage given by national, and international media outlets, and through the positive experience of the 10 teams who travelled more than 60+ plus to Mithi for participation. An exhibition football match at LUMS, sports gala at BIWS orphanage, and distribution of footballs and water to deserving people in Lahore was also conducted prior to the tournament.

A LUMS Contingent of 30 people set out for Mithi, Tharparkar on the foggy night of December 28, 2021 travelling 35+ hours on road after their final exams for the semester ended in order to conduct the tournament in Mithi, Tharparkar. This endeavour would not have been possible without Parwaaz’s esteemed sponsors: Golden Pearl, Sigma Sports, Treet Corporation, and Silver Star Enterprises.

Continuing with our vision of making education and sports accessible to all in Pakistan, Parwaaz has undertaken to establish the world’s first scholarship fund for trans-students at LUMS. We also aim to keep promoting sports development in underserved, and most inaccessible areas in Pakistan.